Fotocrônica: Do as I Say, Not as I Do….

20130829-083159 AM.jpg

A while back I described the plight of our local taxi drivers.  A quick recap: there´s a government crackdown to stop their underground business, initiated by the neighboring city´s mayor and enforced by the police.   It hasn´t really stopped the taxi drivers in any way, and the taxi runs continue.

Last week we were on our way out of town when our taxi slowed and pulled even with a Federal Police officer who was standing by the side of the road.  Much to my surprise, he didn´t question why this school bus contained 10 adult riders in the middle of the morning, instead he climbed aboard and paid his fare to the driver.  The driver, delighted with this lucky impromptu insurance policy, shrewdly seated him in a very visible seat at the front of the vehicle and off we went.

The taxis are the cheapest way to get to the next town.  Even the police officers know that.  Nice to be able to selectively enforce your own rules.  Do as I say, not as I do.

(p.s., I´m afraid the quality of this photo isn´t that good, as I was trying to be sneaky.  “Excuse me, Mr. Officer, would you mind posing for the camera while you disobey your own transit rules?”)

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