Lorax Tree


Truffula Trees










This tree blooms twice a year.  We love it.  We want more.

Today I looked out over the orchard at it and realized we had a spitting image of a Truffula Tree from Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax in our back yard.  Now I love it even more.

And I certainly won’t ever think of cutting it, lest a little moustached fellow pop out to teach me the error of my ways.




    • I have no idea. My husband thinks they’re imported from Colombia? Or maybe they’re a type of jacaranda (which would make them native to Brazil)?

      In this region you see them here and there (they’re showy enough that you can notice them from a distance). Now that I think about it, they’re usually not in the middle of a forest, and more likely to be near a habited area which makes me think they’re imported. Give me a few days and I’ll ask one of the farm guys who knows the name of all the trees.

  1. I love the blossoming trees in Brazil, especially the bright reds, purples, and pinks. I am getting ready to make a big purchase of blossoming trees and plants to help with the landscaping of my farm!

    • Oh, absolutely. I love the ones with the huge red/orange flower as well! There is one that flowers completely pink (almost like cherry blossoms) that is common south of us, that we’d love to plant if we could just figure out what it’s called 🙂

      • I’ll keep an eye out for the pink flowers and if I find the name I will let you know!

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