Fotocrônica: Cavalgada

There are some times of the year that remind me how very much I live in a South American version of Texas. The annual rodeo (cavalgada) is certainly one of them.

Everyone busts out their cowboy best. Me in my lovely maxi sundress stuck out like a sore thumb (someone could have warned me–Boots!I love boots! And an opportunity to wear boots in Brazil! When does that happen?) I know now. Daisy duke shorts and cowboy boots for the girls. Oversized belt buckles, boots, plaid and/or embroidered shirts for the boys. Ten gallon hats for everyone.

Grab a Skol and a spot on the railing to watch. It’s Rodeo Time, everyone!

(Note: click on any image below to begin a slide show of the photos)


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  1. N says:

    LOL. Then that‘s what it was!?!!! Some people on horses, with cowboy gear, rode in front (and on the side) of our house yesterday morning, shouting “with gusto”…. I took a couple of pictures but had no idea of what was going on (neither did my husband, proof that he’s a native from a very different part of Brasil!!!) 😉

    1. Malvina says:

      LOL. Maybe it was! Or did a popular soccer team win a game? It can have the same symptoms… 😉

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