Photo by Laura Kishimoto, courtesy of a Creative Commons license

There’s seven flights of stairs at my school to the dining hall, and one old clunky elevator. If you’re at all athletic a slow pace up the stairs will outpace that musty old beast every time.

She rounded the top flight and blew out a gasp: “Uuuufa! Delicia!” (“Pheeeeww! Delicious!”)

I like her style.

What if we did that with every challenge? What if every time we faced and completed a challenging, exhausting task we topped it off with a statement like: “How tasty/delicious/fun/energizing that was!” What if we said it regardless of whether or not we really meant it? If we just said it instead of complaining how hard that just was? Would it start moving our reality?

I tried it on the stairs today. It works.


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