100 Brazilian Dishes: Geléia de Mocotó

Geléia de Mocotó = Cow hoof jelly.   Not so appetizing an image, stewed hooves.  However, it’s fantastic for you–loaded with tons of vitamins for strong hair, skin, and bones.  I was sure that no one was going to convince me to try this anytime soon.

From the time that I wrote that I wasn’t so sure about this food to when I tried it a whole three weeks have passed.  I’m a push-over when it comes to trying new foods, it seems.


It’s pretty damn good.  This is the stuff that I tried, and it also comes in a clearer, more molasses-jelly colored version.  The flavor was sweet and caramel, the texture was smooth and firm like cheese, and it had a smoky aftertaste and left a hearty feeling in my stomach that reminded me that I was eating something ridiculously nutritious. I’d eat it again, although I don’t think that I can eat more than two slices at a time.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shelley says:

    Hi there! Just saw your comment on my blog and I’ve been briefly reading through yours! Love it!

    1. Malvina says:

      Thanks! I hope you keep reading. I enjoyed your blog as well; it’s nice to read another voice from Mina’s Gerais.

  2. Estefany says:

    is there a specific time to eat this?

    1. Malvina says:

      No, I see it for sale in the market year-round. And it seems to be more of a snack than something that accompanies a meal. So… Eat it whenever you please! 🙂

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