Grown-up Steps

Expats Blog

I’m excited to announce that my humble little blog is now listed on and is now in the running for the Top Brazilian Blog of 2012.

Let me just take a moment to say how much I love this website and love the many voices from all over the world.  Talk about your grand melting pot.  Not to mention how reassuring it is to read others’ experiences and realize, no, I’m not crazy (example: almost all of us Brazilian ex-pats can’t stand how it takes 2 hours to do simple tasks that would take 30 minutes at home.  Ah, the relief of solidarity).  It’s an honor that they added my blog to their list.

I never figured myself as a professional writer.  Sure, I wrote absolutely everywhere I went–activist pamphlets, content for work websites, journaling, poetry slams–but I never, ever would have imagined myself as an author of any sort.  Being listed among a bunch of other bloggers feels like a big grown-up step for me.  Not to mention an all new level of commitment: yes, I’m an ex-pat and here to stay, yes, I’m writing about my experiences and promise myself (and you all) not to stop.

I know that lots of you faithful readers are dying for the opportunity to tell the world how much you adore your regular Crônicas!  The Top Blog judging is based largely upon reader reviews, so click on over to the Minhas Crônicas do Brasil profile and don’t hold back on the love!  Deadline for Brazil is December 18, 2012.


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