Fotocrônica: The Stuff of Life

Of course I brought things home from the USA. My latest and most precious possession was a carefully packed and hand-carried 5inX5inX5in box: a Sawyer Point Zero Two Viral water purifier and bucket adapter kit. Ok, so maybe my preferences are a bit weird. Most Brazilians bring back things from Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein (although I did that too). Hear me out.

Natural springs abound on the farm, but someone had the foolish sense to build the farmhouse on top of a hill with sweeping views. Lovely, but not practical for pumping water. The only spring that is strong enough to supply water to the top of the hill for not one but two households is three farms away. The water pipe crosses so many fields and cow pastures that there’s always the chance that contamination might have happened somewhere. It’s probably Ok, but better safe than sorry.  We use the water for washing but we had to schlep drinking water from the smaller spring at the top of the farm or from in-town. Until now.

I tested my new toy on water muddied by the spring rains.  Look at that before (right) and after (left). Absolute beauty.

20121108-120409 PM.jpg


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