Fotocrônica: Traveling Home

20120919-104437 AM.jpg
How do you know you’ve been homesick for something? When you’re willing to pay anything–even airport prices–to have it.

Things that had me dancing in the airport gift shop: a wall of nuts and dried fruit, a Real Simple magazine, and dangerously dark chocolate. Brazil, I love you, but your snacks for travelers and your chocolate bars leave much to be desired.

I put the coffee in this photo because it is so dang American. Brazilian coffee is served in shot-glass size cups. This American coffee was the small size, you guys.

Ah, America. Land of the free wireless hotspots, endless consumer options (20 types of nuts and dried fruit, really?) and ridiculous serving sizes, I love you for all your crazy ways.



  1. Planning to get together with Ron during your visit? I hope this doesn’t interrupt
    your Cronicas. Your having been away for a while from what the late Gore Vidal
    referred to as the United States of Amnesia may have given you a fresh view of
    things here. On the other hand, I won’t be too surprised if your reaction amounts
    to something like “when you’ve seen one circus, you’ve seen them all”.

    • Yes, I’ll be heading to Downeast Maine next week to visit with Dad. I’m forward to the return to my roots, so to speak. The crônicas will continue, and a few are definitely planned to reflect on my re-entry. Stay tuned! (oops. I think I’m dating myself–does anyone actually tune in anymore?)

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